Php Ninja – Audio Messages

Receive audio messages from Website Visitors

Let your visitors record and send you an audio message directly from your WordPress site.


  • Super easy to use
  • Nice design, but fully customizable
  • Audio is sent by email with an attachment (WAV audio file).
  • Working on phones and tablets too


  • Visitor needs a HTML5 cappable browser
  • HTTPs enabled Server


It’s easy as plug and play. Download it, install it as any other plugin and that’s it


You will need to modify CSS to customize this tool.

WordPress Plugin

For the moment the code it’s only available as a WordPress plugin.

The old answering machine for websites

You can see it live, in this same page, look for it bottom-left corner.

Plugin is Idle. When clicked (not before), the browser will asks for microphone permissions

Visitor is able to start recording after clicking the icon

This is shown while recording is in progress, stop recording with the pause button.

Audio is recorded and ready. Listen to it again or send it?

Buy it

Audio messages will be sent to your WordPress’ Admin account by default, you can set a different email on plugin options section.


This plugin just launched. Please use the comments to leave your opinion on how this plugin should evolve or what features is missing.

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Php Ninja – Audio Messages
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